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What Clients Are Saying About Andrew Huff…

“I cannot thank you enough for your hard work on my case. It was a long process but I am so happy with the final results. I’m glad you were on my team.”
– A.C.

“Thank you so much for your wonderful work on my DUI case. I was so nervous after what happened but you may me feel at ease and I was so happy with the outcome. And I didn’t even lose my license, which I thought for sure would happen. You are truly the best!”
– Akilah

“I made the stupid mistake of drinking and driving. You saved my license and got it reduced. Thank you so much for your help.”
– Branson

“Andrew recently got my DUI case in Pierce County dismissed. We challenged the officers arrest and the judge through out the case. Andrew Was so professional, calmed me down at times when I was stressing out, and was also available to answer my questions and kept me informed. Thank you!”
– Brenda V.

“Thank you Andrew! I messed up when I drank more than I should have and tried to drive home. When the officer arrested me, I thought the world was literally going to end. Once I met with you, you explained everything to me and I realized that this was something I would get through. You were able to keep the DUI off my record and I never lost my license. You are the best.”
– Brian

“Thank you for taking care of another ticket. You are the best!”
– Brian Cauley

“Andrew has been able to get my last two traffic tickets dismissed. His rates are very reasonable and he gets the results I want. Thank you so much!”
– Carrie

“Thank you again Andrew!”
– Cary

“After receiving a speeding ticket, I was fortunate enough to have it deferred for one year as long as I received no further moving violations. A few months after committing to this, and on the same stretch of road, I got another ticket and panicked (for a variety of reasons, but mainly for insurance - I was very mad at myself and didn’t see any way out). Andrew was honest, communicative, and most importantly, effective. He came recommended by a friend, but I was still surprised at the ease of how it went. I completed an online driving course and paid a fine (both of which I deserved and both of which were fair and the best possible outcome). I cannot believe he was able to keep this off of my record in terms of my insurance. I had no idea this was possible. Highly recommend.”
– Catherine, Seattle, WA

“Thank you so much for getting my speeding ticket dismissed. You are great! “
– Dylan

“once again, – you beat the odds! Oh, and my wife really thinks you’re a Prince!”
– GM

“Andrew – you must be the best DUI defense attorney in all of the Puget Sound area… I can’t imagine how anyone could be better. Your defense was brilliant, from keeping BAC out when the court tried to put it back in… to your methodical cross examination of the officer which completely under-cut his credibility… to your closing argument which simply over-matched the prosecutor.”
– J.C.

“I hope to never find myself in this situation again but if I do I’ll most definitely give you a ring. Great work brotha thanks again.”
– J.N.

“Andrew is simply the best traffic attorney around. I have used him three times in the past due to my lead foot and each time he has kept these speeding tickets off my record. Thank you again!“
– Jason H.

“Andrew is amazing! He has kept three speeding tickets off my record over the past couple of years. No wonder my insurance agent referred him to m. Thank you so much.”
– Julia, Redmond

“Thank you very much for your very capable and professional representation during the past two months. We got the outcome we hoped and planned for and it is a big relief! You did a great job walking me through the details of the matter and guiding me through the system, preparing me for all the contingencies, and obtaining a fine resolution.
Thank you and best wishes,”
– K.F

“Thank you very much for the result from your efforts in the hearing regarding my traffic ticket! I am happy with the result.

– Kate

“Thanks Andrew! You really saved me on this one. You’re the best. “
– Kathy

“We have worked with Andrew C. Huff on more than one occasion (with 2 teenage sons, need I say more?) and we have been more than satisfied with the end results (tickets dismissed, etc.) Andrew has represented our sons for speeding tickets/non moving violations, etc. He is very professional, quick to respond to emails, pleasant to work with, and his fee is very reasonable. Highly recommend! Thank you, Andrew!”
– Lisa

“Thank you for all of your help and absolute professionalism with my recent legal tangles. I am so lucky to have found you to represent me! You definitely made a very dark situation manageable and provided me an immeasurable amount of stress relief along the way. You are the best, Andrew.”
– M.D.S.

“Andrew was amazing with my DUI case… He always made me feel at ease throughout the entire process, kept me informed and eventually got it lowered to an infraction, believe it or not. He is truly one of the best…”
– M.H.

“I have hired Andrew over the years to handle my traffic tickets. He is fantastic and my insurance agent loves him too. “
– Marcus

“Andrew is the very best at fighting traffic tickets. My family and I have used his services for the past five years and he has never let us down.

– Marcus M., Issaquah, WA

“Andrew represented my young son who was charged with shoplifting. Obviously, this was a very traumatic experience for our entire family. Andrew led us through the process and explained everything to us. In the end, he was able to reach an agreement that will allow my son to keep his record totally clean as he goes off to college. On behalf of our entire family, thank you! Andrew is a wonderful attorney.”
– Michael G.

“Andrew is very informative, personable and knows how to work the court room. I used him several years ago and won my case and it was not an easy one. My life would of been ruined. I’m grateful for his knowledge and expertise. I never forgot about his hard work and dedication. I recently got into a bind and called him again to work with me on a new case and he was yet again amazing! Some attorneys I find hard to be around mainly due to ego’s and etc. But, with Andrew he feels like a friend he is highly intelligent with a beautiful balance of being personable and down to earth. Which I value. Many attorneys can learn from Andrew’s style! I have already recommended him to everyone I know and will continue to do so!”
– N.A.

“Andrew, I wanted to say thanks again for representing me over the last several months. I’m happy with the results you attained, and did not expect any special treatment from the judge considering the industry and nature of the charges. The important thing is that I did not get a felony, and for that, I am grateful. This could have been much worse for me, and like the judge said, you did an excellent job preparing the case.

Best of luck to you and your family in 2010.”
– R.M.

“Your the best! Thank you huff, your always my go to. “
– S.P.

“I am so pleased you were able to get it dismissed. Thank you again Mr. Huff.”
– Safeeullah

“I got a speeding ticket on I-5 and thought this would raise my insurance rates. A friend referred Andrew to me and he was able to get the ticket dismissed and off my record. “
– Scott M.

“Thank you again Andrew! This is the second time you have kept a speeding ticket off my record and I cannot thank you enough. You are the best!”
– Silvia, Covington, WA

“I unfortunately made the stupid decision to drink and then drive home. I was stopped and arrested for a DUI and was pretty scared about losing my license and going to jail. I hired Andrew to represent me and it was the best decision I could have made. I was able to keep my license and the DUI was reduced. I could not have been happier with his courtroom skill and personal touch with a very nervous client. Thank you so much.”
– Stacy

“Andrew represented me when I was arrested for driving under the influence. I was very nervous about my case and being in court. Andrew was amazing. He explained my case to me in detail, gave me the resources I needed to complete a couple of classes, and was able to keep the DUI off my record! “
– Sunita

“I have known Andrew for over 15 years. As a former prosecutor I was on the opposite side of him for many of those years, and always had a lot of respect for him. Recently, I needed his help with a traffic citation, and his performance and results were stellar. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of such help.”
– T.G.

“Mr. Huff, I just wanted to say thank you for helping me with my traffic violations and getting them off my record. It means a lot and i am continually referring any of my friends who run into similar problems to you. Thank you a lot for all that you have done.”
– T.S., Edmonds

“I made a huge mistake and got a DUI last year. I figured I couldn’t fight it but my co-worker had used Andrew’s services before and recommended him. I’m so glad I did. He was so calm and knowledgeable in the courtroom and eventually got it reduced so it wouldn’t appear on my record. I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate and recommend him to others.”
– Tasha, Seattle, WA

“Andrew Huff was suberb in defending my case…from motions phase to control what evidence could be used against me…through trial phase with his presentation of opening/closing as well as cross-examination. Being charged with a DUI is emotionally challenging, and Andrew has compassionate style which makes going through the legal process easier. Andrew also has great knowledge of law and the resources available to help your case (expert witness, assessments, etc). If you’re reading this, you’re likely in a tough spot, with the implications of legal penalties that could negatively impact your life for years to come….this was my situation, but through hiring Andrew and putting my case in his hands, I was able to go through trial and ultimately walk out of court with a completely positive outcome. I can’t imagine how a defense lawyer could have done a better job than Andrew did for me.”
– TH

“I have known Andrew for over 15 years. As a former prosecutor I was on the opposite side of him for many of those years, and always had a lot of respect for him. Recently, I needed his help with a traffic citation, and his performance and results were stellar. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of such help. “
– Tomas, Issaquah, WA

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