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What do I do if I get a ticket?

  1. Make a copy of the front of the ticket.
  2. Check “Contested Hearing” on the original ticket and mail it into the court within 15 days from issuance.
  3. Provide me a copy of the front of your ticket along with your contact information.

Traffic Tickets and Traffic Violations

Most of us have the unfortunate experience to see the flashing lights in our mirror as we are pulled over by a police officer for allegedly violating the traffic code. If you drive a vehicle, you are likely to receive a traffic ticket at some point for traffic violations such as speeding, failing to stop, failure to use a turn signal, talking on a cell phone, or even negligent driving.

My high dismissal rate of traffic tickets means the odds are greatly in your favor of protecting your record and keeping your insurance rates low. As an experienced traffic ticket attorney, my client’s tickets are often dismissed. However, even if your traffic ticket is not dismissed, I can usually negotiate a reduction to a non-moving violation so the ticket will not appear on your record and increase your insurance rates.

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