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Domestic Violence

Domestic abuse can involve both emotional and physical abuse. Domestic violence is a label that can be attached to a wide range of criminal offenses, including assault, burglary, and harassment. The label is applied in situations in which there is a domestic relationship between the victim and the alleged perpetrator of the crime. The following are some charges that can be associated with domestic violence:

  • Aggravated assault and battery
  • Malicious mischief (vandalism, destruction of property)
  • Violation of no contact order
  • Harassment (harassing phone calls, threats of violence)

Fight Domestic Violence Charges with Knowledge and Experience

Whether you are charged with domestic violence associated with violating a restraining order, burglary, or sexual assault, we can help; call the Law Office of Andrew Charles Huff at (206) 729-3477 and allow me to fight the domestic violence charges for you.

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