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The cost of legal fees is something many people are concerned about when retaining an attorney. These costs vary depending on the charge, prior history and whether your case proceeds to trial, etc. It is important to sit down and discuss your case in depth to truly understand how time consuming and complicated your case will be. Therefore, the cost of your case will be discussed at your free consultation.

My clients will tell you our fees are very reasonable given my 27 years of experience and credentials. Please know that if you are seeking the cheapest lawyer available, you may not get the results and service you expected. Although I am not the most expensive attorney around, my costs are very competitive for criminal defense. I work with all different income levels and most individuals who want a private attorney can afford me. Depending on your circumstances, I am willing to discuss payment plans. Generally this will require a down payment and the remainder over a period of time.

As a reminder, please note that my fees are based on the charges, the stage of the case, and the amount of work expected. I charge a flat fee for our work. I DO NOT charge by the hour or for any additional fees, such as travel expenses, for any cases within the King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties. There is a small fee for cases outside of these counties. When discussing your case, we will discuss the fees.

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