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Fighting a Traffic Ticket is Covid Safe

Posted Tuesday, December 22, 2020 by Andrew Charles Huff

As we continue to battle Covid-19 in our daily lives with mask wearing, social distancing and other steps, one task this disease has not affected is effectively fighting a traffic ticket. This means that if you are one of the many who are cited for a traffic violation, you can successfully fight this infraction while complying with all Covid safety precautions. Here is how:

  1. Once you receive a ticket by an officer, you have 15 days to respond and request a hearing to challenge it. Check the “Contested Hearings” box on the ticket and mail it back to the court, which will then set a hearing date.

  2. Contact me and provide the specific court and case number, which is usually the “XZ…” number at the top of your ticket.

  3. I will then email you a Retainer and Fee Agreement to sign and return.
    As your attorney, I will take care of the rest of the case. You do not need to appear in court or meet with me in person unless you choose to. The high majority of my traffic clients simply provide me the above information, sign the agreement and provide the retainer. I will then take care of your ticket and you go about your way…Covid safe. Stay healthy everyone!

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