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Police Still Ticketing Drivers-Know Your Rights

Posted Tuesday, April 14, 2020 by Andrew Charles Huff

As we all continue to deal with the many changes to our lives and help others also effected by the coronavirus or Covid-19 outbreak, one change is that we are staying at or close to home for a while pursuant to the Governor’s stay at home order. This has resulted in less traffic stops on our roadways until things begin to ramp up. And while our courts are temporarily closed, police officers are still on duty handing out tickets to those who violate traffic laws. And despite the brief court closures, you still only have 15 days to request a hearing and mail your ticket back to the court.

The good news is I have made it very easy for you to request my services by simply sending me an email with 1) the case number found on your ticket (XZ…) and 2) the specific court your case will be heard in. This is all the information I need to file my paperwork with the court and get started on your infraction. No personal meetings (unless you request one) are necessary for traffic infraction cases and you do not have to appear in court either, just the attorneys.

Police are still out there handing out citations so if you are ticketed, make sure to follow the above directions and let me ease yet another burden in your life as we work through this together.

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