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Traffic Ticket in Pierce County? Here’s What To Do

Posted Thursday, July 18, 2019 by Andrew Charles Huff

I regularly represent folks who have received speeding and other traffic tickets in the Tacoma and unincorporated Pierce County area. This is an active area for law enforcement to regularly stop drivers and issue tickets for speeding, failure to stop, not using a signal, negligent driving, etc.

When issued a ticket in Pierce County, make sure to check the “Contested Hearings” box and mail the original ticket back to the court within 15 days after making a copy of the front. The court will then schedule a hearing and notify you and counsel of the hearing date and time. Remember that you do not need to appear for this hearing since counsel can appear for you.

Tickets issued in Pierce County should be mailed to:Pierce County District CourtCivil-Infraction Division930 Tacoma Ave S Room 239Tacoma WA 98402

Pierce County normally sets their Contested Hearings calendar for mornings at either 9:00 am or 10:00 am at the Tacoma courthouse.

The Pierce County Prosecutor’s Office normally does not send a prosecutor to represent the state in Contested Hearings for traffic tickets. This means there is no one to respond to the various motions to dismiss the ticket we make before the judge, which is beneficial because the judge has to rule on the motion without the prosecutor responding with a counter argument.

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