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Ticketed in Seattle? Here's What You Do

Posted Thursday, May 2, 2019 by Andrew Charles Huff

If you are one of the many who have been cited by a Seattle Police Officer for speeding, not obeying a traffic sign, talking on your cell phone or other traffic violation, there are some important thigs you should know.

  1. Immediately request a “Contested Hearing” by checking the box on your citation and mailing it into the court within 15 days. Also make a copy of the front of this ticket before mailing it in.

  2. The court will immediately set a “Pre-Hearing Settlement Conference” with a magistrate. The purpose of this hearing is simply to ask for a lower fine. This is not the hearing in which you fight your ticket and keep it off your record. Instead, it is only a mitigation hearing to request a lower fine. However, the ticket will still go on your record.

  3. Contact my office immediately to represent you in your hearing. With me fighting your ticket, I normally can keep it off your record and save you the time of appearing in court.

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