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Traffic Tickets Can Be Beaten

Posted Friday, January 4, 2019 by Andrew Charles Huff

It’s a very common situation these days to become distracted while driving due in part to the multiple traffic signage, other vehicles around you, cell phone…Let’s face it…driving is a multi-functional task that requires your attention and focus. But sometimes mistakes are made and tickets are handed out.

Like any legal situation, retaining an attorney to fight your ticket will increase the likelihood of beating this ticket. This is important in part because most tickets will appear on your driving record if found committed and cause a raise in insurance rates. Too many traffic tickets can result in a license suspension. If you are under 18 years old and have an intermediate driver’s license, 2 tickets will lead to a license suspension. If you have a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), certain tickets will cause you to lose your commercial driving privileges and potentially a job loss. In other words, traffic tickets can cause havoc on your job, finances and ability to drive.

There are many way to beat a ticket. For example, tickets must be filed with the court by the police officer within a specific period of time; jurisdiction must be shown; a foundation presented for all radar cases; proper procedure must be followed. There are literally countless issues I look for in order to beat your ticket.

If you are cited for an infraction, you do not need to appear in court. I will appear for you and also request the officer’s report and other evidence on your behalf. The court will schedule the court date and I will then appear for you.

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