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Seattle Traffic Tickets and the “Pre-Hearing Conference”

Posted Wednesday, August 1, 2018 by Andrew Charles Huff

For the past several years, I have been retained by more people ticketed in downtown Seattle for not complying with the many confusing signs directing cars, bikes and pedestrians. If you are unfortunate to have received a ticket in downtown Seattle, your case will most likely be set in Seattle Municipal Court.

It’s important that you request a “Contested Hearing” by marking this on the ticket and mailing it back to the court within 15 days after making a copy of it. Seattle Municipal Court will initially set your matter for a “Pre-Hearing Conference” with a court magistrate. However, this “Pre-Hearing Conference” is simply for the purpose of asking for your fine to be lowered, not to fight the ticket and keep it off your record.

If I’m fortunate to represent you in Seattle Municipal Court, you do not need to attend the “Pre-Hearing Conference” and this hearing will be waived and a “Contested Hearing” will then be scheduled. It is the “Contested Hearing” in which I fight your ticket with the goal of keeping it off your record and maintain your insurance rates.Call my office any time and let’s discuss how we can resolve your traffic situation.