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Traffic Ticket by Radar

Posted Thursday, June 21, 2018 by Andrew Charles Huff

Radar guns or Speed Measuring Devices work by sending and receiving radio signals. They work by directing a radio signal towards a vehicle, then receiving the same signal as it bounces off the vehicle. Using what is known as the Doppler Effect, the device can calculate the speed of the vehicle based on changes in the value of the returning signal.

Law enforcement agencies have also begun moving towards Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) technology, which operates in much the same way as radar, but using lasers instead of radio waves.

Regardless of which technology the agency uses, these devices are sensitive tools of measurement that require regular calibration and adjustment. Radar guns, for example, require the use of a tuning fork to make sure that the device is producing accurate readings. Manufacturers of the devices recommend calibration before every use, but states may require testing and calibration much less frequently.

One of the ways we challenge speed through radar is to review the calibration records for the device that measured your speed and offer it into evidence in court. If the device wasn’t calibrated within the required timeframe or wasn’t calibrated correctly, this could be grounds for dismissal. Occasionally, an officer may believe they can calibrate the radar gun without using the tuning fork. However, If this wasn’t done, it could be additional grounds for a dismissal.

Officers must also go through approved and certified training programs before operating these devices, so a lack of training or experience could also affect the case.

If you know for a fact that you weren’t speeding or you simply don’t want it on your record, call me and let’s discuss your case. Most likely, I will be able to keep your ticket off your record and protect those insurance rates.

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