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What Clients Are Saying About Andrew Huff…

“I cannot thank you enough for your hard work on my case. It was a long process but I am so happy with the final results. I’m glad you were on my team.”
– A.C.

“Thank you so much for your wonderful work on my DUI case. I was so nervous after what happened but you may me feel at ease and I was so happy with the outcome. And I didn’t even lose my license, which I thought for sure would happen. You are truly the best!”
– Akilah

“I made the stupid mistake of drinking and driving. You saved my license and got it reduced. Thank you so much for your help.”
– Branson

“Andrew recently got my DUI case in Pierce County dismissed. We challenged the officers arrest and the judge through out the case. Andrew Was so professional, calmed me down at times when I was stressing out, and was also available to answer my questions and kept me informed. Thank you!”
– Brenda V.

“Thank you Andrew! I messed up when I drank more than I should have and tried to drive home. When the officer arrested me, I thought the world was literally going to end. Once I met with you, you explained everything to me and I realized that this was something I would get through. You were able to keep the DUI off my record and I never lost my license. You are the best.”
– Brian

“Thank you for taking care of another ticket. You are the best!”
– Brian Cauley

“Andrew has been able to get my last two traffic tickets dismissed. His rates are very reasonable and he gets the results I want. Thank you so much!”
– Carrie

“Thank you again Andrew!”
– Cary

“After receiving a speeding ticket, I was fortunate enough to have it deferred for one year as long as I received no further moving violations. A few months after committing to this, and on the same stretch of road, I got another ticket and panicked (for a variety of reasons, but mainly for insurance - I was very mad at myself and didn’t see any way out). Andrew was honest, communicative, and most importantly, effective. He came recommended by a friend, but I was still surprised at the ease of how it went. I completed an online driving course and paid a fine (both of which I deserved and both of which were fair and the best possible outcome). I cannot believe he was able to keep this off of my record in terms of my insurance. I had no idea this was possible. Highly recommend.”
– Catherine, Seattle, WA

“Thank you so much for getting my speeding ticket dismissed. You are great! “
– Dylan

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