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Coronavirus “Stay at Home” Order Update

Posted Tuesday, March 31, 2020 by Andrew Charles Huff

As most residents know, Governor Jay Inslee imposed an emergency “stay at home” order to all state residents along with practicing social distancing as we continue to battle the coronavirus and reduce infection rates. The Governor’s Order allows businesses like grocery stores, health care facilities and other essential services to stay open but temporarily shuts down others. So far, the state has indicated the order along with social distancing practices are working but need to continue.

However, not all non-essential businesses have complied with the coronavirus “stay-at-home” order, however, leading to the Governor sharpening up his tone in seeking further compliance. In response to potential violators, Inslee will continue requesting these businesses follow the order and will only take enforcement action against those who do not. Enforcement actions include penalties or even revoking business licenses. In extreme cases where those continue to violate the order, both persons and businesses could face potential civil and even criminal charges, in this case a gross misdemeanor. However, filing criminal charges is the very last option the state will exercise.

Landlords are not exempt from these actions either if they evict tenants in violation of this order, which temporarily stops evictions.
If you feel that you are being treated in violation of the Governor’s Order, contact the Attorney General’s Office or go to the stay-at-home order complaint from located at coronavirus.wa.gov

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